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Krae and the Thunderhead

Posted by Krystal Frazee on September 22, 2008

I kept meaning to post the finished pictures of Krae, but I forgot. Same goes for the Thunderhead.

I’m quite pleased with how Krae turned out. The horse came out beautifully. Also, it’s amazing how many little bags this fellow has on his person. I ended up using half a dozen different shades of brown just so the bags wouldn’t look flat all lined up next to each other.

My hands kept shaking thoughout the painting of this model, as well, which made it take a lot longer than it should have. ‘Twas very annoying. I’d finish the blue on the coat, get some on a belt or bag, go back over it in brown, end up getting brown on the coat, etc, etc… There are lots of tiny nooks and crannies on this model, though, so it’s really easy for that sort of thing to happen.

I also finished the Thunderhead. It is very, very shiny. The glowiness of it took a bit of work, but I think warjacks are very quick and easy to paint overall…

I’ve still got a trencher chain gun crew and a single stormsmith to finish by next weekend. Finishing that shouldn’t be a problem. Once those are done, I’ll base everything all at once. I’m putting patches of snow on everything, and I prefer to mix up a whole bunch at once. In the meantime… Behold, pictures of the Thunderhead! A picture of everything I’ve got painted so far, as well! There’s also a picture of the little guy manning the chain gun. He’s such a funny little model! Also, the way the Thunderhead seems to glow in the camera flash looks kinda cool…


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Progress Report on Kraye

Posted by Krystal Frazee on September 5, 2008

Lookit- the Grenadier is done!

I jokingly think of the color scheme for my army as “Blacklight Cygnar.”While my warjacks are incredibly bright, my trooper models are all painted in Coal Black armor, with little bits of detail picked out in sky blue and yellow. (Gun Mages are an exception, with their greatcoats painted “shoot me!” sky blue. That’s because I always thought of them as high-bred and a bit foppish, making up for said foppishness by constant dueling.) Anyway, not to worry, my entire army isn’t going to be blindingly bright or anything.

The work on Kraye has begun, as well. It’s such a pretty, pretty model. I finished painting his pony already. The artwork was so nice, that I kept the coloring for the horse, and made it grey and spotted, with a blonde mane. The rest of the model, of course, will be painted to match my army’s color scheme.

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Kraye’s cool-sounding something-or-other

Posted by Krystal Frazee on August 28, 2008

Faction: Cygnar
Points: 349
Model Count: 6
Victory Points: 13

Captain Jeremiah Kraye
Trencher Chain Gun Crew    [2]

I played Cryx for two years or so, and then took a very long break from playing Warmachine. I got too frustrated with overly-complicated rules and having to remember way too many other models’ abilities. I like the idea of this project, though, because it encourages painting a lot more than finding the “perfect list.” I get to play with models I like.

I don’t have Kraye’s model yet, although I will in a day or so. All I have to go on are the tidbits posted about him in the forums. Kraye was one of those models I absolutely had to have the moment his picture was released, though, because I think it’s the nicest-looking model Privateer Press has put out.  I’d buy him even if his rules were horrible.

As for the other models I’ve chosen, the Grenadier is widely regarded as horrible. I’m rather fond of it, anyway. I’m hoping to at least make some use out of it in my list. Trenchers are for helping out the Grenadier. The Thunderhead, is, well, kind of awesome. The Stormsmith is doomed to run out, hide inside a building, and have the building come crashing down upon him in the most humiliating way possible. But I had a few extra points, so I figured, why not put him in there anyway?

We all start painting our lists on September 1st, and come together and play each other at the end of the month. This is going to be so much fun!

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