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Krae and the Thunderhead

Posted by Krystal Frazee on September 22, 2008

I kept meaning to post the finished pictures of Krae, but I forgot. Same goes for the Thunderhead.

I’m quite pleased with how Krae turned out. The horse came out beautifully. Also, it’s amazing how many little bags this fellow has on his person. I ended up using half a dozen different shades of brown just so the bags wouldn’t look flat all lined up next to each other.

My hands kept shaking thoughout the painting of this model, as well, which made it take a lot longer than it should have. ‘Twas very annoying. I’d finish the blue on the coat, get some on a belt or bag, go back over it in brown, end up getting brown on the coat, etc, etc… There are lots of tiny nooks and crannies on this model, though, so it’s really easy for that sort of thing to happen.

I also finished the Thunderhead. It is very, very shiny. The glowiness of it took a bit of work, but I think warjacks are very quick and easy to paint overall…

I’ve still got a trencher chain gun crew and a single stormsmith to finish by next weekend. Finishing that shouldn’t be a problem. Once those are done, I’ll base everything all at once. I’m putting patches of snow on everything, and I prefer to mix up a whole bunch at once. In the meantime… Behold, pictures of the Thunderhead! A picture of everything I’ve got painted so far, as well! There’s also a picture of the little guy manning the chain gun. He’s such a funny little model! Also, the way the Thunderhead seems to glow in the camera flash looks kinda cool…


One Response to “Krae and the Thunderhead”

  1. diretrolljake said

    Looks great. The horse is sweet, tho I would recomend some of the Future+brown/black ink wash over the bangs and such to give them a little more depth.

    I plan to give my stuff a sealing coat tomorrow morning and have pix up. All left to paint is Gorman. Tho, Gaspy and the Worm got left at MB in the case, so no group shot yet.

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