Band of Bodgers

Day 14 – Sorry, no pix

Posted by diretrolljake on September 15, 2008

Today was quite successful in the world of painting. In one hour’ish sitting, I managed to watch part of my ATHF Season 5 Disc 1 and paint up both Bone-Turkeys. I am waiting till they are based and sealed before I take pix, however I am all out of glue! And I am broke till Thursday. So…onward with the painting and the bastards are remaining without basing for a few days.

I also base coated 2/3 of the Combine and have my Skarlock about halfway done, who should be done tonight thanks to this 3rd shift sleeping pattern.

Also, just to rub it in your faces, I plan to paint up a batch of soul tokens and 2 light wreck markers too 😛


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