Band of Bodgers

Invisibilty is a myth

Posted by Tom Richter on September 8, 2008

You can't see meeee.

You can't seeee meee.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Aiyana doesn’t actually turn invisible she just puts her hands over her face and starts chanting “You can’t seee meee.” To explain Holts invisibility when she’s doing that, all I have to say is, he’s just that good.

As you can see here Aiyana has been painted differently than the Khador models. This is because she has been painted to match my already substantial collection of Mercenary models. You can’t really see it in this picture, but her eyes have been painted Arcane Blue. This is because I suck at doing eyes, and giving them a magical glowy color is a cheap and easy cop out. I’m glad she’s done, she was a pain in the ass. Though that was mostly because my hands have been especially shakey the last couple days.

I got the Behemoth started today as well. I never liked the positioning of the bombards so I repositioned them. It adds considerable width to the body, but since I plan on working on the legs to make the thing look more stable anyway, it won’t be a problem. One of the little spikey bits disappeared during assembly, so I had to replace it with the tip of a nail, which you can see on the top left of the picture.

The legs and arms are getting a lot of attention and will probably take a few days. Holt may be getting a repose, or at the very least, I’ll be removing the ridiculously stupid blades from the pistols.


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