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Progress Report on Kraye

Posted by Krystal Frazee on September 5, 2008

Lookit- the Grenadier is done!

I jokingly think of the color scheme for my army as “Blacklight Cygnar.”While my warjacks are incredibly bright, my trooper models are all painted in Coal Black armor, with little bits of detail picked out in sky blue and yellow. (Gun Mages are an exception, with their greatcoats painted “shoot me!” sky blue. That’s because I always thought of them as high-bred and a bit foppish, making up for said foppishness by constant dueling.) Anyway, not to worry, my entire army isn’t going to be blindingly bright or anything.

The work on Kraye has begun, as well. It’s such a pretty, pretty model. I finished painting his pony already. The artwork was so nice, that I kept the coloring for the horse, and made it grey and spotted, with a blonde mane. The rest of the model, of course, will be painted to match my army’s color scheme.


3 Responses to “Progress Report on Kraye”

  1. diretrolljake said

    Lookin’ good. The pony is perdy 😛

  2. mbowsher76 said

    Wow…the pony is very, very cool looking.

  3. Krystal said

    Thanks. Iris got hold of the pony, though, and decided to make it prance all over the place. It’s got a bunch of tiny little nicks on its legs that I’ve got to fix now… At least I don’t have to worry too much about it blending, it being spotted and all.

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