Band of Bodgers

Day 4 : Off to a late start

Posted by diretrolljake on September 4, 2008

Day 1 was a bit hazy, slacked off and went to a party. Good fun tho.
I primed on Day 2
Day 3 I began painting this guy, and I finished him today. Could be done better, but I am painting quickly for the sake of being done.

Pix aren’t the greatest, but will make a better gallery as the blog progresses.


4 Responses to “Day 4 : Off to a late start”

  1. Krystal said

    Is that green crystal on the base a piece of green plastic? It looks very shiny.

  2. Tom Richter said

    Too bad it’s never going to survive long enough to see any action. Poor thing doesn’t have a prayer.

    Nice crystal though. It’ll look real nice on the sidelines.

  3. diretrolljake said

    Yeh, it’s actually a piece of carved Necron sprue. I know…I’m a geni-ass.

  4. mbowsher76 said

    Looks nice….my stuff comes in today so I can start on my list.

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