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Day 22; 1 Week Left, 1 Model to go!

Posted by diretrolljake on September 22, 2008

I spent about 1 hour on each bone jack and approx. 30 minutes per model on the Combine and Skarlock.

And a shot of my army, not picturing Gaspy, Cankerworm and Slayer. All in the display at the store.

Up next is Gorman, which I had 3 but traded or donated here and there to new players and, well…I thought I had one left. Picking him up at the store tomorrow.


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Krae and the Thunderhead

Posted by Krystal Frazee on September 22, 2008

I kept meaning to post the finished pictures of Krae, but I forgot. Same goes for the Thunderhead.

I’m quite pleased with how Krae turned out. The horse came out beautifully. Also, it’s amazing how many little bags this fellow has on his person. I ended up using half a dozen different shades of brown just so the bags wouldn’t look flat all lined up next to each other.

My hands kept shaking thoughout the painting of this model, as well, which made it take a lot longer than it should have. ‘Twas very annoying. I’d finish the blue on the coat, get some on a belt or bag, go back over it in brown, end up getting brown on the coat, etc, etc… There are lots of tiny nooks and crannies on this model, though, so it’s really easy for that sort of thing to happen.

I also finished the Thunderhead. It is very, very shiny. The glowiness of it took a bit of work, but I think warjacks are very quick and easy to paint overall…

I’ve still got a trencher chain gun crew and a single stormsmith to finish by next weekend. Finishing that shouldn’t be a problem. Once those are done, I’ll base everything all at once. I’m putting patches of snow on everything, and I prefer to mix up a whole bunch at once. In the meantime… Behold, pictures of the Thunderhead! A picture of everything I’ve got painted so far, as well! There’s also a picture of the little guy manning the chain gun. He’s such a funny little model! Also, the way the Thunderhead seems to glow in the camera flash looks kinda cool…

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Day 14 – Sorry, no pix

Posted by diretrolljake on September 15, 2008

Today was quite successful in the world of painting. In one hour’ish sitting, I managed to watch part of my ATHF Season 5 Disc 1 and paint up both Bone-Turkeys. I am waiting till they are based and sealed before I take pix, however I am all out of glue! And I am broke till Thursday. So…onward with the painting and the bastards are remaining without basing for a few days.

I also base coated 2/3 of the Combine and have my Skarlock about halfway done, who should be done tonight thanks to this 3rd shift sleeping pattern.

Also, just to rub it in your faces, I plan to paint up a batch of soul tokens and 2 light wreck markers too 😛

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Day 11 – The Lich is based and finished

Posted by diretrolljake on September 11, 2008

I finished this guy in one night but it took me a few to get around to basing him. He’s a bit sloppy but looks great on the table.

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Invisibilty is a myth

Posted by Tom Richter on September 8, 2008

You can't see meeee.

You can't seeee meee.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Aiyana doesn’t actually turn invisible she just puts her hands over her face and starts chanting “You can’t seee meee.” To explain Holts invisibility when she’s doing that, all I have to say is, he’s just that good.

As you can see here Aiyana has been painted differently than the Khador models. This is because she has been painted to match my already substantial collection of Mercenary models. You can’t really see it in this picture, but her eyes have been painted Arcane Blue. This is because I suck at doing eyes, and giving them a magical glowy color is a cheap and easy cop out. I’m glad she’s done, she was a pain in the ass. Though that was mostly because my hands have been especially shakey the last couple days.

I got the Behemoth started today as well. I never liked the positioning of the bombards so I repositioned them. It adds considerable width to the body, but since I plan on working on the legs to make the thing look more stable anyway, it won’t be a problem. One of the little spikey bits disappeared during assembly, so I had to replace it with the tip of a nail, which you can see on the top left of the picture.

The legs and arms are getting a lot of attention and will probably take a few days. Holt may be getting a repose, or at the very least, I’ll be removing the ridiculously stupid blades from the pistols.

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MBowsher76 is Out

Posted by Tom Richter on September 7, 2008

For the record I’m altering this post because I don’t feel like watching this blog turn into nothing but middle-schooler drama. This includes removing all the arguments in the comments.

Due to several arguements with Jake, the organizer of this little project, Mike has left the building. Time will tell if he gets back on the horse. Ultimately that call is up to Jake not I.

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Day 6, Gaspy comin around

Posted by diretrolljake on September 7, 2008

I was thinking he needed a scythe but didn’t want to build one, then I remembered that my Anima Tactics Darkness starter was mispacked with 2, did some clipping, some bending, and perfect fit! The slight arm reposes and the tilt on the body adds a much needed pose to the static old school PP sculpt.

I want to add some shadow wings to him, but can’t find anything within reason for the time frame I’m working with on the blog. Maybe I will have to make the 750 a TRUE Epic Gaspy. We will see what I come up with.

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Today’s Forcast – Light Showers Followed By Exploding Shells.

Posted by Tom Richter on September 5, 2008

After three days of messing around with green stuff and painting these bastards in between attending to needy babies the Mortar teams are now complete save basing and clear coat. Originally the plan was to use a darker grey, but I didn’t have great coat grey on hand and didn’t feel like messing around with mixing. Aside from Holt and Aiyana the list will be based with snow, but I’m waiting till everything is done to do that, since it’s a pain to mix up small quantities and I don’t want to mix too much just have it go to waste.

The plan was to move onto the behemoth next, but I wanted a breakfrom modeling and started Aiyana instead. She and Holt are being painted to match the rest of my merc collection. Still haven’t figured out how to paint her hair though. She’ll be done tomorrow, and if I have another manic attack the behemoth may be well under way by morning.

If it weren’t for the associated depression I’d love the hyper productivity of mania. Hurray for being Bi-polar!

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Progress Report on Kraye

Posted by Krystal Frazee on September 5, 2008

Lookit- the Grenadier is done!

I jokingly think of the color scheme for my army as “Blacklight Cygnar.”While my warjacks are incredibly bright, my trooper models are all painted in Coal Black armor, with little bits of detail picked out in sky blue and yellow. (Gun Mages are an exception, with their greatcoats painted “shoot me!” sky blue. That’s because I always thought of them as high-bred and a bit foppish, making up for said foppishness by constant dueling.) Anyway, not to worry, my entire army isn’t going to be blindingly bright or anything.

The work on Kraye has begun, as well. It’s such a pretty, pretty model. I finished painting his pony already. The artwork was so nice, that I kept the coloring for the horse, and made it grey and spotted, with a blonde mane. The rest of the model, of course, will be painted to match my army’s color scheme.

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Day 4 : Off to a late start

Posted by diretrolljake on September 4, 2008

Day 1 was a bit hazy, slacked off and went to a party. Good fun tho.
I primed on Day 2
Day 3 I began painting this guy, and I finished him today. Could be done better, but I am painting quickly for the sake of being done.

Pix aren’t the greatest, but will make a better gallery as the blog progresses.

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